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Jamie Enering Photo Retouching - Motion Graphics - Video Editing

My Story

Thirty years in the business. Man, where’s it all gone. Started out in the family prepress shop, where I shot half tones on an old school copy camera. The thing was longer than my dining room!

Then the digital age happened, and we jumped right in. Moving up from the copy camera into Photoshop was the natural step, but I also had to learn desktop publishing and illustration.

So I began with Photoshop 2.5 (What? No layers?!), Adobe Illustrator 5.5, and QuarkXpress 3.1. My career took me on a heavy prepress journey, from large production houses to large and small advertising agencies, and then to working directly with photographers.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Since the early days, I have kept current with each iteration of Adobe products. With my extensive knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, vector graphics in motion, and color grading in video have come naturally. And now with 3D and A.I. in the game, there's so much more to come.

Photo Retouching:
Compositing • Advanced Masking • Focus Stacking • Lighting and Custom Shadows
Product • Tech • Automotive • Still Life • Lifestyle • Beauty & Fashion


Motion Graphics:
Logo Animation • Motion from Still Images • Text Effects • Visual Graphics


Video Editing:
Editing and composing video • Lyrics Music Videos • Instagram Reels


Composite 3D renders with A.I. Generated backgrounds or photographic scenes.


Prepress Graphics • Page Layout & Design • Logo Illustration

Website Design • Website Template Editing (EditorX/Wix Studio - Squarespace - Photopholio)

Tech Specs

Bragging Rights

Marc Tule • Lionshead Studios • Avid Studios • Cliff Endsley • Steve Simar • Kevin Mills Photography


Kyocera • Calloway Golf. • Sony • Thermo Fisher • Jagermeister • St. John's by Marie Gray • Citizen Watch Company

Vogue • Vanity Fair • Details • GQ • Glamour • Traveler • Mademoiselle • Allure • Road & Track • Cycle World • Off Road • Martha Stewart Living • Motor Boat & Yachting • Reader's Digest Books

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